Mykonos Island


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The most cosmopolitan island in Cyclades, Greece


Gray, Blue, White… Mykonos in three colors and four scenes. The white Cycladic houses, dazzling in the sunlight, with balconies festooned with bright geraniums and pots of basil. One facade blending into another, narrow flagstone alleys winding amongst them and countless tiny churches topped with blue and red domes. The white silhouettes of the windmills on the hills above, are the reminder of the days gone by.



You’ll find boutiques specializing in gold jewelry, folk arts and crafts, souvenirs (wooden boat models, windmills, watercolors inspired by the island), leather work (sandals, belts, bags), ceramics and lots of handmade fabrics.


Local Specialities

Mykonos produces the fresh “tyrovolia” and the piquant “kopanisti” cheese. “Melopites” (small tarts made of dough, honey and tyrovolia), sausages made of pork and aromatic greens, “louza” (smoked pork fillet), “amygdalota” (sweets made from crushed almonds) are other Mykonian delicacies.

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